We cannot find the words to express how truly blessed we have been to work with your agency and our birth mother, “L”. She is truly a gift from God.

The road to adopting our son, “G” has been the most moving, emotional, amazing, wonderful journey I have ever been on in my entire life. God definitely had picked us, and He molded and shaped our hearts to be adoptive parents. I now see, throughout the years, how God has molded me into the mother He wanted for “G”. I see how my husband and I were meant to be “G’s” parents from the beginning of time.

After thoughtful purposeful prayer, we knew we were a married couple called to be adoptive parents. We started on the journey with a home study, background checks etc. One day I was at work, and I saw I had a missed call from Florida. At first, I dismissed it as a telemarketer, but something told me to call back. I called, and other the other end, I heard, “Hello H? I was calling to let you know that birth mother “L” has chosen you and your husband to be the adoptive parents.” I fell to my knees and cried. I thanked God for this blessing. When I got home, I ran from the front door into my husband’s arms. We kissed, and I said, “you are going to be a daddy baby!” We hugged and prayed thanking God for this miracle that we had been chosen for.

At first, I wasn’t sure how an open adoption would work. Once I found out and got to know the birth mother, I just fell in love with her. How could I ever thank her enough for what she was doing for us? “G” is almost a year old now, the adoption is final, and we even had our first birth mother visit in Florida. I can honestly say that I thank God for this girl and for her being there to hold “G”. I will always love her and teach “G” to love her as well. I upload pictures to our private Facebook of everything that I think she would want to see about him. When we had our visit, she told me, “I have peace in my heart about him being with y’all. I know he is loved. God is in control; He will take care of you.

“G”, I pray you read this one day and know that you are loved by so many more than you will ever know. We are your mother and father, your family, and we always will be. From the moment I held you, I cried and said “Hello son, I have missed you. I love you more than anything in the world and I always will. “

“S” & “H” and baby “G”