A year ago around this time, I was 98 pounds, homeless, alone and suffering with my addiction and finding myself pregnant.

Today, I am surrounded by so much family, love and optimism.  I have a home, I am not alone and I have given birth to a beautiful daughter, with my soulmate by my side. I am sober and healthy and happy. It definitely shows.

If you look at me, I am a healthy 145 pounds compared to last year’s 98 pounds.  I have a smile and a healthy light on my face as opposed to those sunken cheeks, black eyes and that hopeless aura that I dealt with for so long.

It is truly amazing what believing in yourself and having the right support group around you can do.  I want to give a “thank you”, to my soulmate, “P”, who was there through it all.  He was the most abused by my past demons, but he never gave up on me.  I love you “Wolf”.

I was able to find the perfect adoptive parents, “A & K” for my daughter.  Without you two as my infallible rock and the love of “P”, I would have never made it through any of this.  I delivered this beautiful baby girl and feel at peace knowing she is in the safe, loving hands of “A & K”.  I am staying connected with “A & K” and am blessed to be able to see my little girl grow and reach all her milestones over these next few years, through pictures, letters, calls and visits.  I having an amazing, awesome life right now and am looking towards the future and seeing what it will bring.

“R”…a birth mother