While we were overjoyed with the prospect of matching with a birthmother for the adoption, clearly we were apprehensive about the whole process, especially being in a different state and over 500 miles away from the birth hospital. However, you, Edna, and Lisa took care of everything and held our hand during every step of the process – helping to make our dreams of being parents come true.

From your very first call telling us we were selected to be adoptive parents, to being with us during our first meeting with the birthmother, the support you provided to the birthmother and being with both parties at the hospital, to ensuring all the paperwork was done afterward to move the legal proceedings forward, we couldn’t be happier with your caring, knowledge, diligence, and overall services.

More than anything, you and your staff provided an ear and reassurances that we needed throughout the entire process, from long phone calls before the birth, to helping us identify medical financing options as we approached the birth, and quickly getting paperwork processed by two states to minimize our stay out-of-state after the birth. You even stayed on top of things after the birth and worked to ensure our home study and post-placement information was complete by a third party to ensure we had all of our information together for the legal proceedings to finalize the adoption.

We can only hope to work with your agency again for such a personal and heart wrenching process. May God continue to bless you and the work your agency does.

Dennis and Alicia
Adoptive Parents