Angela I just wanted to thank you.

You did our home study a few years back and you were the first person to ever tell us that Birth Mothers are a blessing and no matter how we felt prior to adopting that this would change and well it did… drastically.

When we were first getting started doing paperwork and the home study we talked about our future after we adopted and how we saw our relationship. Matt and I had both agreed that while we didn’t want a closed adoption that we didn’t want contact either and to be honest we hoped for an out of touch birthmother that would let us move on with our lives.

When we first talked with our daughter’s birth mother we felt an instant connection and an overwhelming love for her. With every conversation that bond grew and so did our love for her. When my daughter Sophia was born and we went to the hospital to meet her and our birth mother it was as if we were coming face to face with a long lost friend. She is amazing and definitely an angel in our eyes.

I now look forward to any contact from her and smile just thinking of her. I think of this bond growing and the amazing bond we will all have as Sophia grows. You were so right and I can’t thank you enough for opening my eyes to something that I didn’t know I wanted or needed.

I can’t imagine it any different now and realize how truly blessed we are. We not only gained a daughter when Sophia was born but we gained another member of our family in her birth mother. That will now remain for life and continue to grow with each year.

Thank you! You do amazing work.