What to expect when you are adopting a baby

An adoptive mother and her look into what to expect..the expectations...when you are adopting a baby Expectations The adoption process is full of “steps”, each one coming with its own expectation.  Just a few of our expectations are listed below. Expectation One: The home study and post-placement process is scary Prior to starting our home study, I had read many.
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Our adoption journey with the Adoption & Family Support Center

As adoptive parents, we had an amazing experience with Adoption and Family Support Center. After having been in the international adoption process for quite some time and experiencing many ups and downs with our agency along with a failed adoption, we knew what we would be looking for in a domestic placing agency. First and foremost,.
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Adopting Baby #2!

Well, the Adoption & Family Support Center did it again!!! You helped us grow our family and there aren’t enough words of thanks and praise for you all.  You touch and change lives every day, and for us, you’ve touched as so deeply, you are a part of our hearts and will never be forgotten! You.
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