When I started at the Adoption & Family Support Center, Angela asked me to become a notary.  This would allow Angela to be able to have me, at a moment’s notice, be able to notarize all important documents for her and the A&FSC staff.  I never realized the depth of responsibility this notary license gave.
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A Blink of an Eye…by E. Brown

So often in working with adoptive parents, I find myself struggling to express to them just how incredibly important it is for them to remember that their baby will be just that, a baby, for an instant. A blink of an eye- a moment later- and their infant will be a toddler.  From there, it is.
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When to tell your child he is adopted.

One of the questions I am asked most frequently by adoptive parents is when they should share with their child that he or she is adopted.  With twenty years of experience in the field of adoption I am pleased to report that, with almost no exceptions, all adoptive parents plan to share this critical information.
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