The Highlight of Our Week

Last week, our entire agency (all three of us!) were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to meet with one of our waiting adoptive families who live out of state.  We initially were introduced to this family through one of the fantastic consulting agencies that we work with, and they accepted a match without hesitation.
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The Love of an Adoptive Parent to her Birth Parent

College recommendation letter?  Do you remember them?  Well,  below is a letter of recommendation that one adoptive mother wrote for her birth mother.  Through the words on this letter, one can clearly see how much love and respect this adoptive mother has and will always have for her birth mother. To Whom It May Concern:  Autumn changed.
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Christmas Toys

This year Placement from the Heart, our Birth Parent Support Group, collected and donated toys to birth families the week before Christmas.  I have worked with so many deserving birth parents over the years, but staying in touch is always a challenge.  As time moves on, lives change, people lose touch.  I started with phone.
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