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Grief – The Natural Healing Process by Angela Quick

I have been helping birth parents process the grief associated with the loss of a child due to adoption since 1989.  I remain in awe of the brave mothers and fathers who have the strength to make this loving, life altering decision for their children and themselves.  Although each birth family’s adoption.

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What About the Birth Father?

What About The Birth Father?

Angela Quick

August 24, 2012

We don’t hear a lot about birth fathers.  Many of them are not around by the time that beautiful child comes into the world.  But what about the one’s that do stick around? What about the men who love their children,stick by.

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The Love of an Adoptive Parent to her Birth Parent

College recommendation letter?  Do you remember them?  Well,  below is a letter of recommendation that one adoptive mother wrote for her birth mother.  Through the words on this letter, one can clearly see how much love and respect this adoptive mother has and will always have for her birth mother. To Whom It May Concern:  Autumn changed.
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