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A Birth Mother’s blog (chapter 1)

One birth mother has taken some time to share with us a blog about her adoption experiences. Over the next few days, please read about her situation, finding our agency, choosing her adoptive family, and the comments she dealt with. October, 2015 Okay, so I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and I have made the decision to go through.
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What do people think about a birth mother?

Adoption is so misunderstood. Things have change not only in the last 25 years but also even in the last 5 years. Ten things I would like to share with everyone about being a birth mom is just to show the world an alternate view. I'm not selfish for placing my baby for adoption, the choice.
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One birthmother’s story

I had an unplanned pregnancy last year. Yeah maybe I should have been on birth control or kept my legs closed.  I could have even gotten an abortion but I thought that it might ruin my chances of having kids in the future.  So I didn't... I chose adoption. I love people; I really I do. But sometimes you just can't do things.
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