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Annual Adoption Visit with our Birth Mother…an Adoptive Mom shares her story

Posted in Adopting Mothers on 23 March 2017

Many of you know our adoption story. It’s a beautiful one and my favorite one at that! It’s been two years since we’ve seen Harper’s’ birth mom. We’ve been in Florida vacationing and we were able to meet up with S and her parents. I am always anxious prior to our meetings…I don’t know why, they are always perfect. As a person who always wants everyone to be happy, I guess I feel sort of a guilt knowing that I am a woman who has caused grief to H’s birth family. You see, it’s not easy to understand unless you’ve gone through the adoption process. The extreme emotions you feel when you are walking away from the hospital with your new baby and your baby’s birth mom is walking away empty handed is one that will never be able to adequately explain in words, but I’ll try. You are on cloud nine because you have a baby but your heart Continue Reading

A birth mother faced with an unplanned pregnancy and her decision on adoption

Posted in Birth Mothers on 24 June 2016

A Beautiful Gift In the early days of July 2015, I put an end to a relationship. It was a devastating heartbreak and quite difficult one to handle. It wasn’t love, it was lust. But, at the time it felt as if it was because I was blinded to what was really genuine and real. After that I went downhill, I started drinking and doing drugs to fade out the pain. I got involved with an older man that was 41 years old. I wasn’t attracted to him physically, I just wanted attention and I was looking for it in all the wrong places and people. A couple weeks of being with him I had sexual intercourse with him. After a month of being with him, I felt uncomfortable and sick. I decided to end it with him. A couple weeks after that in the month of September I had a strong feeling that I should take a pregnancy test Continue Reading

What are adoptive & birth parents saying about our agency?

Posted in AFSC Staff on 28 April 2016

I feel like my adoption agency is more like a family. They are still there for me even after placement. The support group luncheon day is my favorite day of the month. The girls are all my friends and we just get each other.  The woman that has my baby is truly perfect. It was stressful having to pick somebody to take care of my child but I have no regrets I made the best choice. She always is posting pictures and keeps me connected. Without my adoption agency (Placement from the heart) this wouldn’t have been possible. Kristina (birth mother) Great supportive people! I would recommend to anyone seeking adoption. Katlyn (birth mother) I appreciate you all so much!  I wasn’t sure about what I was going to do and you guys helped me every step of the way.  The support group is amazing!  Was afraid to go at first, kinda shy, but wow, it was so good for Continue Reading

Happy First Birthday baby boy and thank you birth mom that made this possible

Posted in Adopting Mothers on 15 April 2016

One of our adoptive moms posted this beautiful tribute on FB. I have been granted permission to post as a blog on the website. On March 14, 2015, my world was rocked by a big-brown-eyed baby boy born at 9:26 am. We had struggled 8 years with unexplained infertility along with 3 years on the ever so winding adoption road. Meanwhile in Florida, this beautiful girl, K, was on her own path …rocky although quiet sandy, too. She was pregnant, alone & hurting. There are too many details to say here & not all are mine to share but somewhere in January our stories collided. AND GRACE TOOK OVER & long story short, the Lord took both of our sad tales & made something beautiful out of what was ugly and painful. REDEEMING LOVE….. K was the answer to our prayers & we hers. Grace & Mercy & Love & Hope flooded in & I’ve never been the same. So Continue Reading

Our birth mother, baby girl and knowing our adoption journey was meant to be..

Posted in Adopting Mothers on 30 March 2016

Every love story is great…but mine is my favorite! Almost 20 years ago John and I met. We met at our church youth group and honestly that is the only way my father would even think about letting his 13 year old daughter date….he made sure to always be a volunteer at any event so he could supervise as any good father should!  Looking back he would say it was one of the best choices he made.  Now after over 8 years of dating and 11 years of marriage we are happier and more in love than the day we met.  We did separate for about 1 year when college came up, but I like to say “John came back to his senses and realized he couldn’t do life without me!” John & I have always had what others would say is a fairy tale love, and I agree! We are best friends and have been since the day we Continue Reading

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