I made an Adoption Plan for my Older Children

Yes, you read that correctly.  I made an adoption plan for my older children.  After countless hours of painful searching, it was clear,  I needed to place my older children for adoption with a family that will love them as much as I do.

The night after I met with my chosen mom and dad (let’s call them *Laura & John)  for dinner, I let my children sleep in my bed and decided to skip work, for me and school, for them.  When they woke up, I told my children a story.  I told them that when they were each born, our Creator placed a “mommy crown” on my head.  It was to show that I have the joy and responsibility of being their mommy.  I was also given a “daddy crown” that I kept safe in a special box.  One day, the Creator told me it was time to pass the “mommy crown”.  I searched and searched then finally found the mommy and daddy that were just right.

I explained to my children that when *Laura & John came to pick them up in the morning, I would pass the “mommy crown” to *Laura.  (In the story I visualized them bowing to receive their crowns).

When *Laura & John arrived and once everything was packed and  ready to go, my son whispered in my ear, when are you going to pass the “mommy crown”? I looked up and explained the story I told to *Laura and when I placed the pretend crown on her head, she bowed.  I then handed the imaginary box to *Laura with the” daddy crown”.  *Laura said to *John, you must bow.  This was incredible.  I did not share that part of the story with *Laura & John.

That was my confirmation that we are all aligned and being guided by the same loving force.

For moms considering choosing the Adoption & Family Support Center, I want to say, from the beginning, there was a clear difference about this agency. 

I had called other agencies and they were pushing me from the first conversation – pushing me to meet with them, to change my wishes for post adoption contact and it simply sounded like a sales pitch when they spoke to me.

When I called the Adoption & Family Support Center, Angela, Joanne and the other staff members were different.  They were compassionate, easy to reach, and most importantly, they were advocating for what I wanted.  I had a very unique case  and they did everything in their power to accommodate my requests.  They were there for me at every twist and turn of this journey.

I am so happy with the adoptive family we found.  I am grateful my children will have the childhood I never had and could never be able to provide them.  This is the only agency I’d recommend to birth mothers because they provide the loving support, you will need and so deserve.

*Jackie….a birth mother of two precious children


*Names have been changed for privacy


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