Happy First Birthday baby boy and thank you birth mom that made this possible

One of our adoptive moms posted this beautiful tribute on FB. I have been granted permission to post as a blog on the website.

On March 14, 2015, my world was rocked by a big-brown-eyed baby boy born at 9:26 am.

We had struggled 8 years with unexplained infertility along with 3 years on the ever so winding adoption road. Meanwhile in Florida, this beautiful girl, K, was on her own path …rocky although quiet sandy, too. She was pregnant, alone & hurting.

There are too many details to say here & not all are mine to share but somewhere in January our stories collided. AND GRACE TOOK OVER & long story short, the Lord took both of our sad tales & made something beautiful out of what was ugly and painful. REDEEMING LOVE….. K was the answer to our prayers & we hers. Grace & Mercy & Love & Hope flooded in & I’ve never been the same.

So it’s been a year of new beginnings & firsts for us. This little baby boy has brought us so much joy & taught us so many things about humility,  unconditional love & sacrifice. Parenting is hard & wonderful. I find myself reflecting & counting my many blessings.

I’m thankful for that sweet K girl who…

Chose life when she could have easily ended it.

Bravely endured a pretty yucky pregnancy & took care of her body & made sacrifices for this little alien that inhabited her.

Took a chance on Kris & I & chose us to be the parents of her baby.

I’m also thankful for…

The adoption workers that cared for her during the pregnancy & process after.

The family who now call her beloved & daily show our K-girl what a treasure she is & really always has been.

Closer to home, I’m grateful for…

Our family, friends & church that pours genuine love on us like milk & honey to the hungry.

My fantastic honey, Kris who is the best Daddy ever.

The masses that endure all my posts of my little celebrity baby boy. I share out of pure joy of being Mother & Mommie to him.

To our sweet K-girl…I don’t know what this milestone brings  …reflection …sadness …relief…guilt…wonder …joy…contentment???? Whatever you are feeling, know that we love you, we honor you & we pray for grace, peace & blessings for you & yours. You made me a Mommie & I will forever hold you in my heart.

Kristopher & Jen

Neely - 1st birthday picture


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